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A concert a week never hurt anyone…

…but my wallet.

One of my biggest questions is, how do you afford it all? I already average about concert a week some months, but with school and gas, and other things sometimes funding my concert addiction isn’t always possible.

There’s just so much music out there, and it’s impossible to hear it all, but I’d like to make an effort. Thus, my goal is to attend a concert a week to hear as much music as I can.

Whether it’s a big sell out show or a small performance at a restaurant, I want to hear it and see it all.

From me to you, I want to share The Districts. I stumbled upon their performance at Loufest this year, and they have a very laid back sound with a rock ‘n roll edge to it that makes people want to put on their dancing shoes.

So, does the hipster in you have a favourite band that “no one knows”? Tell me about them! I’d love to listen to both you and the music!