Two days of work , two nights of music

What a weekend.

To start, Spoon’s performance at the Pageant went above and beyond my expectations (what little expectations I may have had).


Now, I didn’t have few expectations due to skepticism. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The band had been on hiatus for four years, I hadn’t ever heard them live, or heard about their performances, so everything was a surprise, and of course, it was perfection. Yes, they played a variety of songs from their newest album, They Want My Soul, but they definitely included some good oldies such as “The Way We Get By” and “Me and The Bean.” The performance was professional and the acoustics were great, and in addition, there were two encores. What more could a Spoon fan ask for?

Bastille, Capital Cities, Switchfoot, J Roddy Walston and The Business, Ok Go, Royal Blood, Bear Hands, and Meg Myers.  Where do I even start?

Meg Myers. She looked so young, younger than me, but had a booming voice. She truly is talented, but honestly, overall I wasn’t too impressed. Her songs all sounded the same and blended together in my mind, but who am I to undermine her music? Perhaps it just isn’t my cup of tea. Although, you know what is? Capital Cities, J Roddy Walston and The Business, and Ok Go.





Capital Cities threw a real party at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Crazy lights and crazy dancing was all that mattered.  And J Roddy Walston and The Business? I had to see them for the third time because they’re that good! The talent of the musicians is amazing and inspiring, and there’s no better feeling in the world than being in a crowd full of strangers singing at the top of your lungs.

And last but not least, Ok Go. I didn’t buy tickets to their show in August because it was too hectic with school starting, and I thought seeing them tonight would be enough, but it wasn’t. If you haven’t seen them yet, you should. They’re talented musicians that make you want to move, and they’re humorous too. They also make kids’ dreams come true by inviting them on stage to play with the band. I mean seriously, how often does anyone get a chance like that? I guess it just emphasizes that not only are they great musicians, they’re also pretty awesome people as well.

I guess what I’m trying to get at overall is go out and see a show, hear some live music, do something that makes you happy because you deserve it.

Anyways, I’m off to bed, and I hope your weekend was equally as fantastic.

P.S. What’s your favourite band?


18 thoughts on “Two days of work , two nights of music

  1. discoveringtheheart

    Wow I liked your post! my favorite bands would be Daft Punk, Enigma, and Glitchmob. Although I love all types of music, the last video on here was great and the music video was awesome, thank you or sharing!

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    1. muuchele Post author

      Thank you!! I also love those bands, but I haven’t heard Enigma, so I’d better get on that! And I’m glad you like that last video. I love sharing music because there’s so many good bands out there whether they’re “big” or not!

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      1. Anna

        The “new” Linkin Park (saw them back in 2008). This year this 2 bands are touring together but I’m not going to see them 😦
        Well thing is that though Athens has a couple of places for concerts (one outside the city in a pretty location in the woods that can house 2 stages) I guess that groups don’t find Greece “attractive” (financially) or don’t believe they have enough fans there! If only someone had the idea to establish a festival a la Glastonbury in Athens…


      2. muuchele Post author

        Awww, well, I hope you get to go to many more great shows to come!! Are you from Athens? or did you just vacation there? And yes! It would be amazing if someone did. Maybe you should!! It’d definitely be quite a nice job. I’m so excited for Glastonbury, have you been?


      3. Anna

        I am from Athens! Well, no, I don’t think such a job would be for me! Never been to Glastonbury…maybe one day, but it’s too muddy for me (sorry)!


      4. muuchele Post author

        Wow, that’s super cool!!!!! I would do anything to visit Athens! Haha, yes, the mud seems intimidating. I have yet to go as well, but my goal is to go in 2016, until then bonnaroo will have to do! (and bonnaroo is perfection, so it shouldn’t be any problem, I’ve just heard that Glastonbury trumps all!) Have you been to any festivals?


      5. Anna

        we used to have one called Rockwave in Athens. Started off as rock festival but included some pop bands as well. It was really strong in the late 90s early 00s, but I was young to go alone 😦 Managed to attend the festival in 2010 and saw Black Eyed Peas and Faithless…best concert ever!


  2. nachira

    Bastille, Coldplay, CNBlue, Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic are probably my favourite bands. Can’t stick to one, they all have nice music.
    If the band I loved invited me onstage, I would probably pass out in excitement. XD & My weekend was horrible since I just ended my exams. Left GCE A levels to go and that would be the end of formal education!


    1. muuchele Post author

      Of course! It’s always hard to pick a single favourite band when there’s so many good ones out there. I think I would too; if I was on stage I wouldn’t know what to do except smile like a fool!
      I sorry you had a bad weekend but at least your finished with the exams and just about finished altogether!! Congrats on making it so far and accomplishing so much!


      1. nachira

        Thanks! 🙂 Things will get better with time ^_^ hopefully, haha.
        But then again, I prefer to just go for a concert and not get invited on stage. I would get pretty nervous. Or maybe I just want to watch the concert in peace :p


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