It better be good.

The first post has to be a good one, right?

I mean, it’s like a first impression, but it carries more weight. I can’t physically take you places and show you things, but instead I will attempt draw you in with my own unique combination of words, and do you want to know the advantage of blogging? Blogs are on the internet. I mean seriously. Think about it.

With the internet you can go anywhere.

It’s beyond cool; it’s like magic. The internet can show you great things. You can waste time, learn, and see the world all at once. And the best thing yet? It connects people.

“We’re all social animals,” my psychology teacher used to repeat everyday, and it couldn’t be more true. We crave the attention of others as we strive to share our experiences with one another. Thus, here I am writing from my seat in a very long physics course hoping to share some fun news with you (soon).


2 thoughts on “It better be good.

  1. Atherz097

    Nice first post, and welcome to WordPress!
    The internet is a great tool (when used in moderation), and I do try to use it to connect and learn at the same time. WordPress does a great job on its own to do that, and I’m grateful for new bloggers bringing something new to the table. Good luck


    1. muuchele Post author

      Thank you, I really appreciate it.
      Yes, the internet sucks sometimes, but it can also be super wonderful (thanks to wordpress) because everyone’s got something to share, and there’s always someone out there to listen!

      Sending you all the vibes and all the luck~~



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