Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Federhoffer's Bakery Acrylic Painting 2013

Federhoffer’s Bakery
Acrylic Painting

Grand Boulevard Acrylic Paint 2013

Grand Boulevard
Acrylic Paint

Big Shark Bicycles Acrylic Paint 2013

Big Shark Bicycles
Acrylic Paint


Austin City Limits: The Party Starts Tonight

Kicking the first weekend off with Outkast and Beck headling down in Austin, Texas. Who could ask for anything better?

It’s only the first night, and man, is the line up stacked. To start the weekend off we have Temples, Bleachers, Capital Cities, CHVRCHES, and Sam Smith (just to name a few). It truly is amazing how the festival has grown to now spanning over two weekends for the second year with over 130 performances. Sounds like another perfect festival to add to the list, and incase you’re missing out on all the fun, fear not. Tonight at 10pm eastern time, PBS will be premiering a look at the past forty years of ACL, featuring many special performances.

Just kidding…

mourning doesn’t wait for the weekend.

I went to my Physics professor and asked to take the exam right then and there so that I could leave and make it to my grandmother’s burial. I know it was against the policy for me to take the exam outside of the regular class time, but I think it was a valid enough reason. Afterwards I went straight to the cemetery. I didn’t run and shout the answer to every other physics student. Was it really that wrong of me to ask the teacher to go against the” Physics policy”?

What a week…

and it’s only Thursday.

It’s truly been a rollercoaster this week starting with an Organic Chemistry exam on Monday, then an IPP exam Tuesday, only to hear Wednesday about the passing of my grandma of whom I truly miss right now.


This all means no time for live music this week. Only time set aside for attempted studying for my Friday Physics exam, and as terrible as it may seem with the intense school policies, mourning will have to wait until the weekend.

Thank you, Alt J, for the quick release of your second album, This Is All Yours.

I was lucky enough to see Alt J headline last December, and here is a bit of what I saw:




The performance was nothing less of perfection. The beautiful and unique sound literally sent An Awesome Wave through me leaving me on a concert high for days, and I couldn’t ask for anything more…except another chance to see them.

P.S. Who are you excited to see in concert his year?

A concert a week never hurt anyone…

…but my wallet.

One of my biggest questions is, how do you afford it all? I already average about concert a week some months, but with school and gas, and other things sometimes funding my concert addiction isn’t always possible.

There’s just so much music out there, and it’s impossible to hear it all, but I’d like to make an effort. Thus, my goal is to attend a concert a week to hear as much music as I can.

Whether it’s a big sell out show or a small performance at a restaurant, I want to hear it and see it all.

From me to you, I want to share The Districts. I stumbled upon their performance at Loufest this year, and they have a very laid back sound with a rock ‘n roll edge to it that makes people want to put on their dancing shoes.

So, does the hipster in you have a favourite band that “no one knows”? Tell me about them! I’d love to listen to both you and the music!

Remember the date.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A teenager’s first concert and first festival. Things to never be forgotten. Ever. Music is all that matters to a teenage girl, right? I mean after boys, tanning, and hair straightening.

In a nutshell, when all these material things are gone, music stays; It brings people together, and it inspires. Marcus Haney’s documentary about “sneaking in and breaking out” truly reveals how music can capture the hearts of many.

So, what’s the best concert/festival you’ve ever been to?